Man gets divorce after claiming his wife is possessed by the devil

Divorce granted to couple after man claims his wife is possessed by the devil

The woman is said to have thrown a church pew with one hand (Stock image)

Monday, April 10, 2017

A man in Italy has been given a divorce after claiming his wife was "possessed by the devil".

A court heard that since 2007, the woman experienced "inexplicable behaviour," which included fits and "unusual phenomena."

It was this behaviour that led the man to claim she had been possessed, and seek separation.

The woman's sister, a priest and a Capuchin monk also confirmed the behaviour, talking about an incident where the woman threw a church pew towards the altar with just one hand, according to The Local.

Others also claimed that the woman had been able to levitate, although afterwards fell to the floor.

The judge decided that the events could not be linked to illness, as doctors and psychiatrists said she was healthy.

Exorcists were also called to help her over the years, however this did not work.

The judge therefore granted a no-fault divorce to the pair, who have two children.