Man with giant Star Wars statue in his field says he is 'not really' a fan of the film

Star Wars

Paul Parker with the giant statue. Image: SWNS

Friday, February 8, 2019

A man who has received planning permission for a £12,000 scout walker statue at the side of the A38 has revealed he is "not really" a Star Wars fan.

Paul Parker has been given 10-year approval to display the statue of an AT-ST alongside one of Devon's busiest roads, despite opposition from Teignbridge District Council.

"They [Highways Agency] came up with no objections to it. They didn't think it would cause an adverse impact on drivers, so the only reason they could refuse it was on visual impact," Mr Parker told Richard Madeley, who was standing in for Matthew Wright.



"Because of so much public support and my two local councillors, they've given this temporary 10-year approval."

Mr Parker went on to quash assumptions he was a Star Wars superfan, and said he was using the statue as a method of enticing visitors to his local town.

"I came up with the idea of putting something on the side of the dual carriageway as a talking point so people could come and discover our lovely town of Ashburton," Mr Parker revealed.

"I asked him [a friend] to build me something and he said he's got something in his garden I might like."

He added: "I think it's more of a work of art."