Man investigated by police for retweeting transgender poem describes experience as 'sinister'

Harry Miller

Friday, January 25, 2019

A man who was investigated by police for sharing a poem on Twitter which questioned whether transgender women were biological women has described his experience as "sinister".

Harry Miller from Lincoln was contacted by a community cohesion officer from Humberside Police after a complaint was made regarding him retweeting the social media post, an act which has been recorded as a hate incident.

Appearing on the Matthew Wright show, the 53-year-old said he wished in retrospect that he had told the officer who phoned him that George Orwell's 1984 was "not a police manual".



"I said was the limerick illegal? He said no. However, this is where it gets really sinister. He said I'm ringing you on behalf of the victim because I need to check your thinking," Mr Miller recounted.

The limerick shared by Mr Miller includes the lines "your breasts are made of silicone" and "your vagina goes nowhere".


'We're told that words are violent'

"The reason we resort to limericks and things like that is because any time we try and have a sensible debate about the Gender Recognition Act and its impact upon biological women, we're shut down," Mr Miller said.

"We're told merely to have the discussion is to be hateful. We're told that words are violent and that discussing it is to somehow negate trans people, and that is absolute rubbish."

He added: "Trans women are trans women, but that is not the same thing as being a biological women."