Man jailed for murdering his wife and two daughters in 2006

A man who killed his wife and their two children before fleeing to Bangladesh has been jailed for life

Thursday, February 6, 2020

A man who killed his wife and their two children before fleeing to Bangladesh has been jailed for life.

Mohammed Abdul Shakur, 46, was found guilty of murdering his wife, Juli Begum, 26, and their two daughters, Anika Khanum, 5, and Thanha Khanum, 6, at the family home in East Ham.

The court heard that police were called to the family address in Nelson Street, at around 12:35 on Wednesday, 1 January 2007 after a concerned family member had not seen or heard from Juli for around ten days, and the children had not returned to school after the Christmas break.

Police attended and forced entry to the address.

There they found the bodies of Juli, Anika and Thanha concealed under a duvet in a rear bedroom.

Detectives had launched a murder investigation and Shakur was quickly identified as a suspect after it emerged that he had purchased a one-way ticket to Bangladesh at the time of the murder.

The court would hear that Shakur and Juli had an arranged married in Bangladesh in October 1999 and she had subsequently sponsored his immigration visa so that they could return to the UK.

However, incidents of domestic conflict began to emerge just a few months into the marriage.

Pictured above is mother-of-two Juli Begum
On 2 January 2007, detectives established that Shakur had attended the Bangladeshi High Commission to obtain a passport.

The following day he went to a travel agent in Bethnal Green and ordered a one-way ticket to Bangladesh.

Enquiries to trace and arrest Shakur were undertaken in Bangladesh and India after information suggested that he was in the Assam region of India, close to the border of Bangladesh. 

Several years passed by without any trace of Shakur. However, in May 2013, the FCO representative called detectives to inform them that Shakur had been arrested for being in India illegally.

Formal extradition proceedings began and Shakur said he would not oppose extradition.

The process was not completed until April 2019, when Shakur was finally extradited back to the UK on Saturday, 6 April.

He was taken to Heathrow police station, where he was charged with three counts of murder. 

Pictured above are two girls Anika Khanum, 5, and Thanha Khanum, 6

The family of Juli Begum said: "Abdul Shakur has destroyed our family. He took away a caring, loving mother and sister Juli and he has taken away the future of two young beautiful girls, Thanha and Anika. We struggle with thoughts of how their lives may have ended and what each of them must have witnessed in their final moments. We miss them every day and we cannot forgive this senseless loss of life.

“Shakur’s final act of cowardice was fleeing to Bangladesh. This meant justice took so long to be delivered, it was something our mother never got to see.”

Detective Sergeant Amjad Sharif from Specialist Crime, said: “We will likely never be able to understand what could have driven Shakur to snap and end the lives of his wife and two daughters so violently and callously.

“Now at last Shakur will serve a substantial custodial sentence for the horrific crimes he committed.”

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