Man jailed for spiking woman's food and drink with male hormone at work

Man jailed for lacing woman's food and drink with male hormone at work

The woman's food was contaminated at her workplace (Stock image)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A man who laced a work colleague's food and drink with a male hormone has been handed a one-year prison sentence in China, local media has said.

Zhou Chuanjie has been found guilty of causing intentional injury by slipping the synthetic steroid methylestosterone to the woman, according to The South China Morning Post.

The hormone he slipped the woman reportedly caused her to stop menstruating, grow thicker body hair and lower her voice as well as seriously damaging her liver.

Chuanjie was caught slipping the steroid on CCTV, and although he had only been adding vitamins, he was unable to convince a court of his innocence.

The woman suggested he was adding the hormone as a form of revenge, although it is not clear what this could have been for.

The Chengdu Economic Daily reported that the woman found about about the steroid from one her colleagues who texted her about the matter, explaining it had gone on for six months.

When she went to the hospital doctors found she had a much higher level than is normal of the male hormone.