Man left bankrupt after wife gambles 'millions'

Man left bankrupt after wife gambles millions

Christopher Forte claims during their marriage, he never noticed the gambling debt created by Julia Posman

Monday, April 2, 2018

A man has been left bankrupt after his wife gambled millions of pounds, but he only discovered this after their marriage was over.

Christopher Forte claims during the marriage he never noticed the gambling debt created by Julia Posman and failed to realise £169,000 of both his and his parents money was missing.

The couple married in 2014, after first meeting through work in 2010, The Metro reported.

Forte previously worked as a software contractor but then changed jobs to become an English language teacher, which Posman was working for a law and credit firm on £90,000 a year commission.

Despite this she claimed she had to prove she had assets of £5 million in order to get a visa, as she is from Indonesia, and asked Forte and his parents if she could borrow their money.

He has said he now realises it was "rubbish" but at the time he didn't realise as he was "in love," so claims he ended up allowing her to borrow £45,000 whilst his parents loaned £131,330.

Forte said if he asked any further questions about the money Posman would become very upset, so he did not press her any further.

In 2016 the man was sent a letter from two businessmen which claimed they'd loaned his wife £2.5 million and he was the guarantor, however he was unaware of this.

Posman later admitted to this and had also given £250,000 to her parents, £750,000 to her brother as well as gambling millions.

The couple got divorced last year and the woman said she would pay Forte £169,000 which she owed him as well as paying his parents in £1,700 a month installments, however her former husband claims none of this has been paid.

Forte has been declared bankrupt and is living with a relative, whilst his ex-wife is living in East Sussex, even though he claims "she doesn’t deserve a visa."

It is thought the businessmen have written off the debt created by Posman, however they have not commented.