Man punches beaver, gets treated for rabies

A beaver (Getty)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A man is being treated for rabies after he punched a beaver. 

Okay then.

The incident happened in the US state of Virginia. A 52-year-old man standing by the edge of a lake in the city of Falls Church was bitten in the toe by a beaver as it emerged from the water. 

We assume he was quite panicked by this, because he ended up sucker-punching the beaver repeatedly in the head. Which seems a slightly excessive punishment, particularly as the beaver didn't even break the skin with its bite.

The man is being given rabies medication as a precaution, because he cut his hand in the process of unloading on the poor rodent.

The beaver slipped away and was unable to be tested - presumably because he was socked to the head several times.