Man stabbed to death by newspaper delivery boy - after complaining his paper was late

Man stabbed to death by newspaper delivery man, after complaining his paper was late

The pair often argued about the delivery of a newspaper (Stock image)

Monday, April 3, 2017

A man was stabbed to death in Germany after arguing with a newspaper deliverer about what time his paper arrives.

A police report said the 51-year-old often spoke angrily to the 42-year-old deliverer, as he found his copy of the Luneburg newspaper never came at the time he was expecting.

On Saturday (April 1) the delivery man arrived to his house later than the man expected, causing yet another argument between the two, according to The Local.

However the deliverer then took out a knife and stabbed the man's upper body multiple times.

A relative of the man saw the incident and proceeded to rush out to hold back the delivery man.

The 23-year-old held down the attacker on the ground until police arrived at the scene and arrested him.

The emergency services also attended and attempted to resuscitate the injured man. However he later died in hospital due to the wounds he had sustained.