Man who 'bought child sex doll online' claims he was unaware of its size

Man 'who bought child sex doll online' claims he was unaware of its size

Adult sex dolls are legal in the UK, but child ones are not

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A man who allegedly purchased a child-sized sex doll online has claimed he was not aware of its height.

Daniel Adams is currently on trial as he has been charged with one count of importing an indecent or obscene article.

The doll, which is slightly taller than three foot at 99cm, was brought to Chelmsford Crown Court for the jury to view, according to Essex Live.

The man has admitted to buying the doll which cost £500 from eBay, but has said he did not know it looked like a child when he ordered it.

The prosecution claims the advertisement for the doll said it's "100% like a young girl’s body."

Police officers have investigated searches made by Adams at the time he purchased the doll, but there were no indications he had looked at other child sex dolls or indecent images of children.

Adams allegedly ordered the doll from Hong Kong in July 2016, however it was collected by the UK Border Force at East Midlands Airport.

The court heard the package also contained a cleaning kit, blonde, brown and pink wigs as well as a dress.

It is illegal to buy a child sex doll in the UK, however dolls which look like adults are legal.