Man who filmed Heathrow’s suspected drone: ‘No one else seemed to be bothered’

Man who filmed Heathrow’s suspected drone: ‘No one else seemed to be bothered’

Video footage filmed by Matt Charter on Tuesday night. Image: Matt Charter

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Matt Charter, the man who captured footage of the suspected drone at Heathrow airport, has said that “no one else seemed to be bothered” about the possible sighting.

He had been driving down the A30 going home from work when he saw a flying object he believed to be the Heathrow drone, which had caused severe disruption to flights on Tuesday night.

Mr Charter, 24, of Wraysbury, Berkshire, told talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes: “No one else seemed to stop or be bothered but I saw it and thought why not take a video of it.”

He added: “I was coming down the A30 just south of Heathrow Airport after work yesterday and I actually saw the breaking news pop up on my phone.

“I looked to my right naturally to the airport and could not see any airplanes in the sky.

“I drove a little bit further along, and I was with my friends laughing about whether we would see it.

“Then we could just see really clearly a red light and a white light at about 300-400ft in the air.

“At first I just thought it must just be something from the airport or maybe a plane coming into land.

“Then it spun 180 degrees and then there was a green light as well. We saw it move behind the trees and that was when I was pretty sure it was a drone.”


'Lights show it is in the air' 

Flights from Heathrow airport were disrupted on Tuesday after a possible drone sighting. 

Mr Charter had then pulled into a layby to take a better video of the lights on his phone. 

When Holmes asked about how he knew it was a drone, Mr Charter explained that he has used drones and other camera equipment when mountain-biking.

 “What I do for a hobby is motor-crafts and mountain-biking so a lot of that camera gear is quite often used in that field,” he said.

“So I am quite familiar with them and have used them before. Quite often they have some sort of light to show that it is in the air.”

A Heathrow Airport spokesman said that they were working with Air Traffic Control and the Metropolitan Police who are investigating the incident.