Man who led gang of 'Hollywood-style bank robbers' jailed for 20 years

Man who led gang through Hollywood-style bank robberies jailed for 20 years

Alceu Johnny Andreis led a gang through bank robberies (Stock image)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A man who led a gang of burglars through Hollywood-style bank robberies has been jailed for 20 years.

Alceu Johnny Andreis was already serving 51 months in jail for an attempted bank robbery, but has now been convicted of two counts, according to The Guardian

A federal judge has also ordered him to pay $12 million (£9.64 million) in restitution, as well as forfeit four Ducati motorcycles and two Mercedes-Benz cars which he had bought with the proceeds of the gang's crimes.

According to prosecutors Andreis was the leader of a group of people who robbed banks across southern California.

Members of the gang would cut holes in the roofs of the buildings to gain access, using ropes. 

They were also able to disable security systems, according to evidence, and jackhammered through concrete bank vaults to access the money, communicating with each other with walkie-talkies. 

The court heard the gang were made to wear identical clothes and shoes by Andreis. He also tested the members for drugs.

Equipment was wiped down by the group so that DNA or fingerprints were not left behind. 

Prosecutors also say that three members of the gang have pled guilty to charges in connection with the robberies.