Man who told police operator he strangled his wife found guilty of murder

Friday, April 5, 2019

A east London man who calmly told a 999 operator he had killed his wife has been found guilty of murder.

Mohammad Anhar Ali, 32, admitted to killing 25-year-old Nazia Begum Ali in a brutal and prolonged attack at her home last year.

Officers arrived at the address minutes after the call was made just before five in the morning.

Ali was sipping a cup of tea when he greeted officers, and asked them to be quiet as his two young children were sleeping upstairs.

Nazia’s body was discovered in the living room, where forensic tests revealed she had been lying for a number of hours before Ali dialled 999.

The pair had separated a year previously but Ali had refused to grant his wife a divorce.  

Detective Sergeant Jake Ellis said Ali’s inability to accept their relationship was over led to the “ruthless” and “heartless” action.   

The day before her murder, Ali met Nazia at her mother’s house and told her he would finally agree to a divorce.

He subsequently bought two knives, a hammer and a screwdriver, then hid in a cupboard in Nazia’s house and waited for her to return home.

After the murder Ali covered her body with a white sheet and then went to sleep with his children.

Nazia’s mother Janahara Begum said: "The day Nazia died was the worst day of our lives. Our hearts are broken beyond repair; we will never be the same again. He took away, not just my child, but a mother, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, a cousin and a friend.

"I took Mohammed in as my son and instead he left my heart empty by taking away my child. Her daughters will never see their mother again, they will never feel their mother's comfort again and they will never feel their mother's love, ever again.”

Ali will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on 17 April.


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