Man who tried to broker Aleppo ceasefire says conflict is 'on a different scale' to anything seen before

'We have let the people of Syria down and must do more to help', says Doctors Under Fire - Unfinished

A ceasefire was supposed to take place today

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The men who tried to broker a ceasefire to allow children to leave Aleppo said that the brutality of the Syrian conflict is on "a different scale" to anything seen in the past.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, who has also founded a charity for warzone medics called Doctors Under Fire, said Britain has let down the people of Syria during a moving and powerful interview.

De Bretton-Gordon was speaking to Julia after the emergence of reports that heavy fighting has started again in Aleppo, meaning a ceasefire has been broken. Both sides have blamed each other for this.

De Bretton-Gordon said he had been working for weeks to organise a ceasefire, but his attempts have ultimately proved fruitless. He added that as a soldier for 23 years he thought he'd seen "everything that humanity could do to each other, but Syria is at a different scale."

Speaking at length about the brutality he had witnessed, De Bretton-Gordon said weapons such as chlorine bombs have made this a particularly barbaric conflict, as they force women and children from their cellar hideaways into the open, where they are massacred.

The interviewee said he hopes the ceasefire will get "moving again tomorrow," to let children out and aid in, and also expressed the hope that "the Prime Minister is on the phone to the prime minister of Iran, saying 'you must get involved.'"

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