Man who wore Nazi T-shirt outside Adolf Hitler's birthplace spared jail

Man appears in court with pro-Nazi stickers, after wearing pro-Nazi T-shirt outside Hitler's birthplace

The house where Adolf Hitler was born

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A man has been spared jail after wearing a T-shirt in support of Adolf Hitler in front of the house where he was born.

The man walked back and forth in front of Hitler's birth house, which is set to be expropriated, wearing a t-shirt with the slogan "Nazified, with a raised hand."

The man also met a Hungarian neo-Nazi group during his visit to the property, which is to be demolished due to fears that it could become a Nazi shrine.

Despite breaching Austrian anti-Nazi laws, the man was handed only a 15-month suspended sentence, the Belfast Telegraph said. 

When he appeared in court, he was wearing stickers with code words and numbers on them, which translated to "Heil Hitler," according to a state broadcaster.

The 27-year-old reportedy said the T-shirt was a "political statement."