Manchester Arena: 'It was eerily quiet after the bomb' says man who offered to drive victims home

Manchester Arena: 'It was eerily quiet in the city centre hours after the bomb'

Armed police are on the streets on Manchester today

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A man who offered to drive people from Manchester Arena to Liverpool after last night's terror attack has said it was eerily quiet in the aftermath. 

A suicide bomber attacked Manchester Arena last night after an Ariana Grande concert, killing at least 22 people.

When Jordan Stevenson saw the news of the explosion, he tweeted to offer to drive those at the concert who lived in Liverpool back home.

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer that he was scared to go to Manchester city centre as police had told people to stay away, but went because he wanted to help those stranded.

Stevenson said his faith in society as a whole has been restored because the emergency services ran towards the danger and wishes we could praise all those individuals.

He added that those who want to kill innocent children, like the suicide bomber, are mentally ill and psychopaths.

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