Manchester Arena: Katie Hopkins under fire on Twitter for 'final solution' post

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Katie Hopkins has provoked outrage with a tweet in the wake of the bombing at Manchester Arena. 

Late on Monday evening, a suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured 59 after detonating an improvised explosive in a packed crowd leaving an Ariana Grande concert.

This morning, in the wake of the disaster, the Daily Mail columnist sparked fury by tweeting this: 

In the tweet, she refers to ITV This Morning host Philip Schofield, which is most likely a reference to him walking across Westminster Bridge in the wake of March's terror attack. 

But what appears to be the source of several Twitter users' outrage is the call for a "final solution."

While she quickly corrected her tweet to say a "true solution" and change a typo, she has still drawn the fury of Twitter users, as "final solution" was the name given to a Nazi plan to exterminate Jewish people during World War Two.

This plan eventually culminated in the systematic genocide of millions - the Holocaust.

See below: