Manchester Attack: Jeremy Corbyn savaged by critics for 'excusing terrorism'

Twitter divided over Jeremy Corbyn's foreign policy comments

The Labour leader will resume campaigning with a speech on foreign policy on Friday

Friday, May 26, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has come under sustained fire this morning from critics over his latest comments linking the Manchester terror attack to British foreign policy.

The Labour Leader is due to announce the resumption of campaigning for the general election on Friday, with a speech in which he will link domestic terror attacks with Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Corbyn will call for the Government to admit the so-called "war on terror" had failed, and how a government under Labour will rethink its approach. 

The comments have already been condemned by security minister Ben Wallace, who accused Corbyn of excusing terrorism, and many people have adopted a similar stance, taking their cue from Wallace and launching their own attacks on the Labour leader.

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