Manchester bomb survivor: 'There was no blood left in me'

Closest man to Manchester Arena bomb to survive reveals what he's been through

Martin Hibbert was hit by 22 bolts in the attack

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Manchester Arena bomb survivor Martin Hibbert joined Mike Graham and Katie Perrior to tell them about his "miracle" recovery. 

Martin Hibbert was the closest person to the Manchester Arena bomb to survive, and was warned he may not walk again. However, after going through specialised ­treatment in Australia he can now move around independently.

Hibbert said: "There was no blood left in me when I got to the hospital and I had 22 bolts. There’s an x-ray that, because I’m morbid, I’ve got, that shows all the bolts. Just to look at that and say that you’ve survived, it’s a miracle.

"I’m not religious but there’s was somebody, there’s something that I’ve got to do in life that I’ve got to complete because other than the 22 bolts there was also one that went through my neck and severed two arteries which should have literally gone straight through, but I ended up swallowing it."

He spoke about his treatment and said "it’s not a case of just jumping on a plane to Australia and you come back and you can walk again.

"There’s a lot of trauma that we needed to get rid of as well because that blocks the signals" and "being a man, being a dad, you keep it in you keep it in you put on a face...but really you’re in a bit of pain."

The man added "there were a lot of tears my wife found it very difficult to watch some of the time" but "to have that support there was critical in my development."

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"There was no blood left in me when I got to hospital." Martin Hibbert was standing next to bomber Salman Abedi at Manchester Arena. Watch again ▼@Iromg |

— talkRADIO (@talkRADIO) April 3, 2018