Manchester legend Shaun Ryder says Salman Abedi probably had a small manhood

'Religion shouldn't be brought into discussions about terrorism', says singer Sean Ryder

Sean Ryder said he was supposed to attend the Ariana Grande concert (Stock image)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Manchester music legend Shaun Ryder has said the man who blew up the Ariana Grande concert on Monday was probably frustrated by his small member.

In an extraordinary interview with Sam Delaney, the Happy Mondays frontman suggested that Salman Abedi's actions had nothing to do with Islam - and were simply born of his sexual inadequacy.

Ryder said Abedi was most likely a "socially and sexually underdeveloped" individual, the sort of person who "doesn't come into puberty into they're 22 years of age."

He revealed he was supposed to attend the concert on Monday with his family, but hadn't gone because it was such nice weather.

Ryder also suggested he had some inside intel from MI5 about the profile of the suicide bomber - but Sam made sure he wasn't able to divulge this "information."

Listen to the full interview above