Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham says Jeremy Corbyn terror speech is wrong

Manchester Arena: 'In our darkest hour, we've seen the best of our country', says Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham

The mayor spoke to Paul Ross about the impact of the attack on the community

Friday, May 26, 2017

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has said Jeremy Corbyn is wrong in his interpretation of UK terror - although he believes the Labour leader is doing a good job.

The attack on Monday killed 22 and injured dozens, and the Greater Manchester community has been steadily rebuilding in the days which have followed it. 

Corbyn has said today that Britain's terror problem is linked to the country's military campaigns overseas.

But Burnham told Paul Ross: "I have a different view to Jeremy on this.

“9/11 happened before any interventions overseas, and the ideology was in existence before that.

"It [radical Islam] has used things to add to its cause. But it was there, we didn’t create it. [There's] a tendency to blame governments for everything, and I don't think we should. 

"Actions of governments can contribute, but let’s remember 9/11 happened before interventions anywhere.

"We've got to deal with what this is – a twisted ideology that has no connection to being representative of the Muslim religion. The Muslim faith is a peaceful religion, and we've got to deal with it on that basis.

"The people who committed this appalling act are responsible for it, 100%."

Burnham also refused to give a categoric 'yes' when asked whether Corbyn can win the election next month. However he did say Cobyn had been "sensitive" to this week's tragedy and suggested his policies are "resonating."

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