Manchester Spiderman survives death-defying climb on city centre roof

The man was 'suitably advised', say police (Stock Photo)

The man was 'suitably advised', say police (Stock Photo)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A prankster dressed as Spiderman has survived a highly dangerous stunt which saw them hanging off a building in Manchester city centre.

The daredevil was seen hanging off a roof in Piccadilly Gardens, one of Manchester's main transport and shopping hubs.

It is unclear what would motivate anyone to climb on the roof and lean off, but the stunt certainly caught the attention of the throng of shoppers and office workers who had packed the area in the run-up to Christmas.

One person was quick-witted enough to take a picture of the Mancunian superhero yesterday afternoon (December 5).


@GMPCityCentre that can’t be safe?! Hanging over the edge of the gardens??

— Blair Yates (@blairyates) December 5, 2017


Police have confirmed that the prankster made it down safely and was "suitably advised." We can only imagine the advice was "don't be a complete idiot."

This isn't the first time Spiderman has visited Manchester. In 2015 a have-a-go hero dressed as the famous comic hero stepped in to break up a mass brawl in Ardwick, near the Manchester City football stadium.

Kevin Godin-Prior told The Manchester Evening News "I outside in my Spiderman kit and they seemed stunned.” We can imagine.