Manchester United crush City in social media war as Alexis Sanchez signing eclipses Kevin De Bruyne announcement

This picture of Alexis Sanchez on United's Instagram page has already received 1.8 million likes

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Manchester United may be way behind local rivals Manchester City in the Premier League table, but the Old Trafford club did gain a crushing victory over their cross-town rivals yesterday... on social media.

United announced the signing of Chilean star Alexis Sanchez at 6pm last night, and City, somewhat surprisingly, chose to reveal that key midfielder Kevin De Bruyne had signed a new contract at the same time.

If City's intention was to take some of the gloss off United's big announcement, it seems to have backfired, as United crushed City in the battle of likes and shares, a result which will convince Reds supporters that they are Manchester's biggest club.

On Twitter, United's promotional video for the Sanchez signing, a rather bizarre affair featuring the former Arsenal forward playing a piano, has racked up 151,000 re-tweets and 192,000 likes, not to mention 13,000 comments.

City's equivalent for De Bruyne, however, managed only 4,000 RTs and 9,400 comments, and less than 500 people felt the need to add a comment of their own.

On Facebook the gulf was just as wide, United's piano video receiving 9.3 million views and 405,000 reactions. City's own video, featuring De Bruyne and a member of the club's TV team, was viewed 246,000 times and gained just 13,000 reactions.

On Instagram United went beserk, tweeting a series of pictures and videos of Sanchez, the first one receiving 1.8 million likes. City tweeted a couple of images of De Bruyne, but the two pictures have received only 200,000 likes at the time of going to press.

This vast disparity will only strengthen the conviction among United's fans that theirs is the biggest club in Manchester, despite City's recent success following the club's takeover by Sheikh Mansour in 2008.

City have eclipsed United on the field in recent years, but United fans maintain that this success is based purely on the owners' financial backing. The two clubs were both interested in signing Sanchez, leading many journalists to suggest City were the more glamorous choice - a suggestion which did not go down well with their local rivals.