Manchester United hold sponsorship talks with Tinder - and the jokes flood in

Reports suggest Tinder are in talks for a deal worth £12 million a year

Manchester United already have all manner of sponsors, but this would break new ground

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The jokes have been pouring in thick and fast after news that Manchester United were holding sponsorship talks with Dating app Tinder.

Reports suggest that Tinder are discussing a new-fangled sleeve sponsorship deal, which would see the app's logo emblazoned on the arms of players such as Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku.

According to various sources, the deal under discussion is worth £12 million a year. Some reports claim it's already been agreed.

United, the world's richest club, already has all manner of sponsorships, from Chevrolet, whose logo runs across the front of the players' shirts, to Mister Potato, a Malaysian crisp company which uses United's brand to sell its produce in the far-east.

But a deal with Tinder would break new ground for United, indeed for the entire Premier League. Although the company already has an agreement with Serie A side Napoli, no major dating site has ever taken up a deal with one of the country's top teams.

Naturally, the news has piqued the interest of Twitter, which has lit up with all manner of jokes, some better (and cleaner) than others.

Here's a selection of the top gags.


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