Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku tells fans to 'move on' from 'racist' penis chant

Romelu Lukaku tells Man United fans to 'move on' from 'racist' chant

The chant making reference to the striker being well-endowed has faced calls to be banned

Friday, September 22, 2017

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has implored the club's fans to "move on" from a controversial chant about him.

The chant, which makes reference to the size of the striker's penis, has been described as "discriminatory" and "offensive" by numerous groups, including Kick It Out.

It was heard again at Old Trafford on Wednesday, much to the displeasure of Manchester United officials.

The club swiftly posted on social media to remind fans that "action will be taken" against any behaviour deemed to be offensive.

Now the striker himself has commented via the team's official Twitter account, praising the backing he has received since moving from Everton this summer, but urging fans to move on from the chant and respect each other.

Lukaku has enjoyed an outstanding start to his United career, scoring six goals in his first six games for the club since joining for £75 million in July.

The Belgian striker has swiflty earned hero status at Old Trafford, prompting fans to create the controversial song in his honour, to the tune of the Stone Roses classic Made of Stone.