Manhunt continues for crocodile killer in Australia

Manhunt continues for crocodile killer in Australia

A crocodile has been killed (Stock image)

Friday, September 22, 2017

A search has started for the person in Australia who shot and killed a crocodile in a Queensland river.

The body of the crocodile was found in the Fitzroy River in Queensland yesterday (September 21). The 5.2 metre-reptile was discovered with a bullet in its head, according to the Ministry of Environment.

The crocodile is described as having been a dominant male, and local environmentalists fear that its death will caused increased aggression from the younger crocodiles in the river, potentially engandering other inhabitants - as well as the human population.

Queensland Police said it is illegal in Australia to kill a crocodile without permission and it is working with the Ministry of Environment to find the culprit.

Under Australian law, anyone found guilty of killing a crocodile can be handed a fine of around £16,600.

Marine crocodiles have been a protected species in the country since 1971, however it is no longer considered a threatened species. The population stands at roughly between 75,000 and 100,000.