Man's sexual harassment 'apology' goes viral after being shared by Lily Allen

The letter has gone viral after being shared on Twitter

The man's letter has attracted hundreds of retweets (Photo: Flickr)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A man's moving letter about his complicity in society's sexual abuse problem has gone viral on social media.

The author says he has abetted this problem because he hasn't done more to oppose it - and because he himself has been guilty of inappropriate behaviour at times.

The letter was posted on Twitter by female comedian Kelly Ryan (@kellyarepea), who said a friend had written it and posted it on Facebook.

The tweet has gained hundreds of likes and retweets, with singer Lily Allen among those to have shared it with her followers.

The letter begins "I am part of the problem" before continuing with the admission that "I've been complicit in the culture of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

"I may not have catcalled anyone, but I've definitely made inappropriate comments that have made people uncomfortable.

"I may not have groped strangers, but I have definitely tried to push the boundaries with dates/hookups (hint: men feeling pressure to do this is what people mean by toxic masculinity.

"I may not have used my position of power to pressure someone into doing things they don't want to do, but I've definitely told women things that they want to hear in order to get consent, regardless of if it's true or not.

"Further, I haven't done enough to discourage the people around me from doing the same. Being complicit in a system that oppresses people is just as bad as actively oppressing people.

"I strongly encourage all people (that means everyone) to take time to reflect and see how they are part of the problem. It can be uncomfortable to admit, but by starting to admit to oneself, and then to other people, one can take the steps needed to create change."

You can read the letter in full below.