The many faces of Nicola Sturgeon: The SNP leader's body language decoded

Amused (again)

Monday, May 22, 2017


No matter what Nicola Sturgeon is talking about - whether it be the benefits of independence, the case for a new referendum or the need for self-determination - one thing's for sure. She makes some cracking faces doing it.

Sturgeon is a politician of a thousand faces, all of them hugely evocative. While other politicians sit, or stand, completely impassive, her countenance is constantly twisting and furrowing to suit the situation. In this way she's not unlike Boris Johnson - although we're not sure she'd appreciate the comparison.

During the Scottish Leaders Debate, when Sturgeon came under attack by Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson, we saw the full gamut of Nicola's emotions expressed through those facial contortions. Take a look at the gallery to see a selection of those faces, and what they may (but probably don't) mean.