'Many fear Manhattan and Elizabeth bombs were a test run for something worse'

'Some are saying what happened this weekend is a test run for something much worse', says American news reporter

Investigations continue into the attacks (Getty)

Monday, September 19, 2016

There are fears that bombs left in Manhattan and Elizabeth could be a dry run for something much bigger, according to an American news reporter.

An explosion took place in Manhattan injuring 29 people, and it has also been suggested that the attack is linked to five devices discovered in Elizabeth. One of the suspects, Ahmad Rahami, is reportedly now in police custody. 

Steve Merczynski, a news reporter at New York Radio Source, told talkRADIO: "Some are saying what happened this weekend is a test run for something much worse. That the people involved were trying to see the reaction so they can maybe plan accordingly."

Mercyzynski also talked about what had been done to warn people in New York of the attacks.

"I got a message on my phone as soon as the photo of this guy Ahmad Rahami came out," he explained. "It seems to be [that] if you're in a specific area where there's a warning of some sort, then you'll get that particular message.

"When they found these pressure cookers, several blocks away, people in that area got a message to stay away from that area, and people in that area to stay way from the windows.

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