Marcel Hesse: Man who bragged about killing boy online sentenced to life imprisonment

Man who bragged about killing boy online sentenced to life imprisonment

Marcel Hesse killed a nine-year-old boy and a 22-year-old man

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A man who bragged about killing a child online and later killed another man whilst in hiding has been handed a life prison sentence in Germany.

Marcel Hesse had posted photos on the darknet, which means the websites do not show up on the surface-level internet and can only be accessed with encryption technology. Nonetheless, his activity alerted police to the murder of the boy.

The man had encouraged the nine-year-old boy to enter his home and then stabbed him 52 times in the basement, before going on the run, the court heard.

He then spent time at the home of a friend, who was unaware he had committed a crime at the time, according to The Local.

However it is claimed when the 22-year-old man discovered the allegations against him, he asked Hesse about it.

Hesse then killed the man by stabbing him 68 times and two days later set his apartment on fire, the court heard. 

However, Hesse later went into a restaurant shouting "call the police, I'm wanted" leading to his arrest, local media said.

The prosecution claimed the 20-year-old committed the murders as he was dissatisfied with his life and wanted to "satisfy his sadism and show off."

The man could be imprisoned for longer than the maximum term of 15 years in order to protect the public due to the severity of his crimes.

He did not speak during the court case, but admitted to killing the boy and man by telling his lawyer.