March organiser explains why there should be reparations over slavery

March to call for reparations over slavery

The Abolition of Slavery Act commenced in Britain in 1834

Friday, July 29, 2016

A march on Monday in Brixton will commemorate the end of slavery and call for reparations for the community. 

Juliet Ryan, Project Manager at Working Action Group, talked to talkRADIO's George Galloway on Friday night, telling him that her ancestors were victims of slavery.

"My name is a slave name," she said. "It was branded on my ancestors with hot irons.

"They were chained, they were thrown to the bottom of the sea, they were seen as tonnage, they were see as cargo, they were seen as disposable.

Ms Ryan also said her community faces racism and discrimination in all facets of life.

"I have never ever felt welcome here. I feel completely at odds in this country, and I want reparations and repatriation."

She said she thinks the Government has done the community a great disservice, and the community should rise up against this.