Marcus Fysh: MPs need to ‘hold their nerve’ over Brexit negotiations

Marcus Fysh MP: MPs need to ‘hold their nerve’ over Brexit negotiations

Monday, February 4, 2019

Conservative MP Marcus Fysh has said that MPs need to "hold their nerve" over the Brexit negotiations, as MPs prepare to meet with the Prime Minister to suggest alternatives to the Irish backstop. 

As a member of the Downing Street’s new Alternative Arrangements Working Group looking at the Malthouse Compromise, the MP for Yeovil is calling for the Irish backstop to be replaced with alternative arrangements and the use of technology to prevent a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister Theresa May has invited the group to meet “regularly” with Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay in order to move forward her Brexit deal.



Mr Fysh told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “[A General Election] is a silly idea. The point is that we have shown we can get a majority for this type of approach and we need to work with what we have got in Parliament at the moment.

“It has always been a challenge to have so many members of Parliament overwhelmingly in favour of Remain when the country voted a different way.

“It was never going to be easy going through Parliament and it is not. We are where we are but I don’t think we need any further uncertainty; we just need to get on with it.

“We need to hold our nerve and make a good offer. We need to say what we are prepared to do and show the EU that this is the best way forward.”


'Roll up their sleeves' 

The Conservative MP said that fellow politicians have already showed support for replacing the backstop.

“We showed in Parliament last week by voting with a good majority behind an idea for a replacement and alternative arrangements for this backstop,” he said.

“The EU have been asking us what we want for ages now and this has shown it. We are going to work hard to put the flesh on that proposal.

“The EU like the Withdrawal Agreement that they have managed to cook up, so they do not want to move off it.”



He added that the Malthouse Compromise Working group would aim to get the Prime Minister to “buy into” the compromise.

“I hope that she can see the point of having an agreement that everybody can get around,” he said.

“Her being able to govern afterwards is also a good thing. I think the Government should really be embracing this because we have heavyweight figures on both sides of the argument who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and get this done.”

The compromise currently has the support of European Research Group members such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Remainer MP Nicky Morgan.