Margaret Thatcher 'inspired a generation of young women'

Margaret Thatcher

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Labour MP Rachel Reeves has revealed she was inspired to get into politics by the late Margaret Thatcher.

Appearing on the drive show with Eamonn Holmes, the Leeds West MP said the Iron Lady had "inspired a generation of young women", of which she was one.

"In a way Margaret Thatcher is the person who got me interested in politics and encouraged me to join the Labour party," Ms Reeves said.



"Whatever your views on the left or the right, you couldn't help but notice Margaret Thatcher, and she either inspired you to emulate or rebel.

"I rebelled against her."

Ms Reeves appeared on the drive show to discuss her new book 'Women of Westminster: The MPs who Changed Politics', which details the achievements of women in the political sphere.

"One hundred years ago there were no women sitting on those benches, and now there are 209, almost a third of MPs," Ms Reeves added.

"But we've still got some way to go until we get a 50/50 Parliament. That's what I would like to see."