Margaret Thatcher nominated alongside scientists to be a potential face of new £50 note

Margaret Thatcher on long list of scientists to be face of new £50 note

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Bank of England has released a list of scientists who have been nominated to feature on the new £50 note, which includes former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Mrs Thatcher is joined on the list by computing pioneers Alan Turing and Ada Lovelace, and telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney announced earlier this year that the new polymer note will celebrate British contribution to science.

The Conservative leader studied Chemistry at Oxford University before working as a research scientist for food company J Lyons and this makes Mrs Thatcher eligible for a place on the list.

The former Prime Minister's nomination has had a strong response on twitter with some people delighted, whilst others were angry at the suggestion. 

One twitter user described Mrs Thatcher as a "awful woman", but another said he would like her to be the "face of every note". 


The myth of soft-serve ice cream

Mrs Thatcher's exact contribution to science is unknown, but a story that the former Prime Minister helped invent soft-serve ice cream is widely regarded as a myth.

The Bank of England received 174,112 nominations, and 114,000 of them met the eligibility criteria.

To be on the list, the individual had to be real people, deceased and have contributed to the field of science in the UK.

The list included more than 600 men and almost 200 women including physicist Stephen Hawking and Crimean war nurse Mary Seacole.