Marine Le Pen accused of plagiarising Francois Fillon at May Day rally

Marine Le Pen accused of plagiarising Francois Fillon at rally

The former Front National leader gave a speech on Monday - and some local news outlets have pointed out its similarity to an address by Francois Fillon last month

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Marine Le Pen is facing accusations of plagiarism over a speech given on Monday night - and the alleged source isn't from the far-right.

The former leader of the Front National gave a May day speech at a rally near Paris ahead of the second round of the French election, which is due to begin on Sunday (May 7).

However, French media outlets noted that several sections of her speech bore similarity to an address given by Francois Fillon - the former French prime minister who lost out in the first round of the presidential election.

Fillon gave the speech in April, just prior to the first round of the election.

In their speeches, both candidates made reference to the "three maritime coastlines" which bordered France - the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea. 

They made references to a series of values which were like "passwords" to the French people, and declared "France was something else" in terms of economic, military, and industrial power. 

Le Pen's supporters have denied the former Front National leader copied Fillon, saying she had metaphorically "winked" at them with remarks designed to gain the support of his voters.