'Marine Le Pen won't win this time - but in five years it might be a different story'

'In a few years Marine Le Pen will tell the public they may as well try the National Front', says professor

Professor Matthew Goodwin believes Marine Le Pen will struggle in the second round

Monday, April 24, 2017

Marine Le Pen is unlikely to win the French presidency this time round - but she's got every chance in the next election cycle.

That's the view of politics Professor Matthew Goodwin, who believes that in four to five years Le Pen will be able to tell the public they've tried everything - and it's time to give the National Front a go.

Goodwin told Julia Hartley-Brewer that centrist Emmanuel Macron is more likely than Le Pen to win the presidency this year.

But he added Macron hasn't got a big idea or vision, and if he simply says he's different from President Hollande voters won't be impressed over the long term.

Goodwin also suggested that the National Front isn't a fascist party, but it attracts supporters who are sympathetic to fascism.

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