Mark Francois warns Tory MPs stop trying to ‘frustrate Brexit’

Mark Francois clashed with fellow Tory Dominic Grieve

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Mark Francois has urged Conservative remainers to stop fighting the party’s efforts to deliver Brexit once Boris Johnson takes power.

He told talkRADIO's Matthew Wright the leadership result is “absolutely emphatic” and gives the incoming Prime Minister a mandate to carry out Brexit by October 31.

“I would say to any Tory MP thinking of trying to frustrate Brexit – you’re not doing what your party wants. Your party members have chosen Boris in a very free and fair election,” he said.

Fellow Conservative Dominic Grieve has been an outspoken critic of Brexit and told talkRADIO he is willing to vote against the new Prime Minister if he tries to leave without a deal.

“I’m going to do the right thing and act in the national interest throughout this process,” he said.

“If the national interest and the Prime Minister’s views about what he wants to do are at variance I’m afraid the national interest will come first.”

Mr Grieve has been calling for a second referendum despite criticism from within his party, calling it a “very democratic thing to do”.

“The other possibility which I’ve been advocating, although Mark doesn’t like it, is that we should go back to the public and put to them the choices which are available and ask them their views,” he said.

In response Mr Francois said the public wants Parliament to “‘get on with it and get us out”.

“The fundamental difference is you now have a leader who’s been elected by our members in a way that Theresa May was not. And he believes very clearly that we should leave the European Union,” he said.

“With all respect to Dominic he lost the EU referendum and he’s just lost the leadership so I’m two-nil up.”

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