Martin Freeman's seven deadly sins

Martin Freeman reveals his jealously, first crush and what he's most proud of

'I’m in an industry where we do envy each other' says the Hobbit actor

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Martin Freeman has revealed to Jamie East what he's most proud of, who his first crush was and whether he envies anyone.

The actor, well-known for appearing in The Office, Sherlock and The Hobbit, joined Jamie East to answer questions about the seven deadly sins.

Jamie asked what he was most proud of, aside from being a father, and he said: "Doing work that resonates with people."

For the category of lust, he was asked who his first crush was: "My first crush, I mean, I probably had like school crushes. I always had a thing about Marilyn Monroe even when I was a kid."

Jamie also asked who he envies and he responded: "I suppose I’m in an industry where we do envy each other, we do I think, everyone in my job whether they want to admit it or not looks at another person and goes 'oh why haven’t I got his career' but no one I can think of off the top of my head."

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