Martin Luther King Day: Donald Trump sends anti-racist message to honour civil rights leader

Donald Trump said King's dream 'is our dream'

Some will doubtless view Donald Trump's words with cynicism

Monday, January 15, 2018

Donald Trump quoted civil rights leader Martin Luther King in the afternoon - a decision which is likely to be met with raised eyebrows in some quarters.

Trump was speaking on Martin Luther King Day, the anniversary of the birth of the civil rights icon who was shot dead 50 years ago.

Trump began his video message by quoting King's most famous intonation, "I have a dream", before adding: "Dr. King's dream is our dream. It is the American Dream.

"It's the promise stitched into the fabric of our Nation, etched into the hearts of our people, and written into the soul of humankind.

"It is the dream of a world where people are judged by who they are, not how they look or where they come from.

"It is the dream of a nation that offers a life of dignity and hope to every American, regardless of colour and creed."

 Trump went on to say that while King was "cruelly taken from this world by an assassin's bullet, the promise he fought for could never be taken away."

The words may seem ironic for some, given Trump has campaigned to ban people from several Muslim-majority countries from travelling to America, and advocated the deportation of undocumented migrants, even those who have been in the US for decades.

Trump has also promised the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico, and spoken with contempt about "s***hole countries."