Martin Luther King's daughter backs Elizabeth Warren and shares 10-point plan to beat Donald Trump

Martin Luther King's daughter defends Elizabeth Warren and pushes plan to defeat Donald Trump

Bernice King has defended Elizabeth Warren

Friday, February 10, 2017

Martin Luther King's daughter has defended Elizabeth Warren and hit out at Donald Trump over the appointment of Jeff Sessions as attorney-general.

Warren was silenced during a debate over the confirmation of Senator Sessions, after reading a letter written by Bernice’s mother Coretta Scott King.

The letter was written in 1986 objecting to Sessions’ nomination for a federal judgeship.

Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell said that, in reading the letter, Warren had broken Senate rules by impugning the conduct of another senator.

On Facebook Bernice praised the reading of the letter, but showed her anger towards McConnell's silencing of Warren.

She said: “Glad my mom’s words were finally read at #Sessionshearing by Senator Jeff Merkley but why was U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren silenced? Now is the time to defeat patriarchism and #letlizspeak.”

She is also pushing an agenda for Americans to protest against President Trump with a 10-step plan.

The plan was originally posted by J Jerrald Hayes, and Bernice shared it on her Be A King Facebook page.