Martin McGuinness likened to Nazi leaders Himmler and Goring by former victim Lord Tebbit

Lord Norman Tebbit says arguments defending Martin McGuinness's peace process role like 'an argument for making peace with Nazi Germany'

Lord Tebbit, who survived the Brighton bombing, blasted the former IRA commander in the wake of his death

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lord Tebbit has said that defending Martin McGuinness' role in the peace process is comparable to an "argument for making peace with Nazi Germany."

Tebbit and his wife were injured in the IRA's 1984 bombing of the Tory party conference, and he suggested he has no intention of forgiving McGuinness during an interview with talkRADIO.

The former deputy leader of Northern Ireland, who also served as an IRA commander, passed away in a Londonderry hospital overnight - prompting tributes from the likes of Alastair Campbell and former Prime Minister Tony Blair. 

But Tebbit told Julia Hartley-Brewer McGuinness left an appalling legacy and his death might finally bring closure for his victims.

He said: "I hope his death will do something to enable his many victims to come to terms with the awful things which were done.

"He knew British intelligence had penetrated the IRA right to the top, and he was to be arrested very shortly with a number of his other friends and prosecuted for their crimes.

"When the IRA were on the verge of defeat, McGuinness took the coward's way out and went for peace. The man was a coward, a terrorist, and murderer."

Julia pointed out there were some officials saying that because McGuinness was senior in the IRA, he was able to convince many republicans to come to the peace table. 

Lord Tebbit responded with this: "That's a curious argument, isn't it?

"That would have been an argument for making peace with Nazi Germany by getting Goring or Himmler on side."

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