Martin McGuinness resignation: 'Arlene Foster's postion is now untenable'

Martin McGuinness resignation: 'Arlene Foster should have been told that her position was untenable', says political commentator

Martin McGuinness has resigned

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Arlene Foster should have been told that her position was untenable following Martin McGuiness's resignation from the Northern Irish executive, according to a leading political commentator. 

Kevin Meagher spoke to talkRADIO after McGuinness resigned from his role as Northern Ireland's deputy first minister, in protest against an energy scheme which is said to have cost the taxpayer more than £400 million.

Critics claim the scheme was mishandled by Ms Foster, the country's First Minister, who will now be forced to call an election under Northern Ireland's power-sharing structure.

Meagher, an author and commentator on British and Irish politics, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that is has taken “one of Arlene Foster’s own colleagues, to basically blew the whistle on all of this."

Meagher said that while Foster is "blaming her officials," but she should be the one taking responsibility. He finds the situation "comical" and believes "somebody needed to be saying to Arlene Foster, your position is untenable, it doesn't mean people are trying to get rid of you but you’ve created a problem for everybody."

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