Martina Anderson: Irish unity is 'solution to Brexit problem’

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Sinn Fein MEP has claimed that opinion polls show “the test has been met” to trigger a poll on the reunification of Ireland.

Martina Anderson said that, as an internationalist, she believes “Irish unity is the solution to the Brexit problem”.

Discussing Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes asked: “Do you think that because of this, whatever way this pans out, this is bringing a united Ireland closer than ever before?”

Ms Anderson responded: “There is a democratically endorsed vision in the Good Friday Agreement, it’s actually legally endorsed in British law and Irish law, which is our right to self-determination.

“Once the Secretary of State knows that it is likely to be majority, he must trigger a unity poll – well, opinion poll after opinion poll has shown him the test has been met.”

However, she went on to blame to DUP for wanting to “shackle the North to Britain” and “harden the border”.

When pressed for a clearer answer, the MEP told Eamonn that “calm, considered, careful and dynamic conversations” were taking place across the north of Ireland to drive their “democratic right”.

Earlier today Ms Anderson attended the European Parliament session wearing the jersey that Irish footballer James McClean wore in a match against Gibraltar.

She said this was to “send solidarity” to the people of the island, who she claimed are “very concerned about a potential border”.

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