Mass brawl breaks out between neo-Nazis and refugees in East Germany

Fight breaks out between the far-right and refugees in East Germany

The fight broke out on Wednesday (Getty)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A fight broke out between 80 locals and 20 refugees on Wednesday in an eastern German town which has become synonymous with xenophobia.

Police broke up the fight in Bautzen, and they reported that the 80 locals were associated with the far-right.

They arrived at one of the town's squares in the evening, with 20 young male refugees gathered opposite them.

A hundred police officers were deployed to control the situation. Officers have also claimed refugees threw wood and bottles at them.

The officers used pepper spray and truncheons against them and they fled towards their home. However the far-right group chased them and they were put under police guard.

A further three refugee homes nearby were also put under police surveillance.

Witnesses reported glass bottles being thrown along with the physical fights. An ambulance was brought to the scene for an 18-year-old with serious wounds.

It was then attacked by the far-right group, and a second ambulance was called to the scene to replace it. The operation ended at around 2.30 am.

A day earlier, a 32-year-old was also injured by a bottle in a small fight.

The clash is just the latest in a string of conflicts to blight the town. In February a refugee's home was on fire, and some even attempted to stop the blaze from being extinguished. 

President Joachim Gauck was also verbally attacked in March by bystanders when visiting Bautzen to discuss the refugee crisis.