'The mass media has declared war on Jeremy Corbyn', says George Galloway

'Mass media has declared war on Jeremy Corbyn', says George Galloway

George Galloway says anti-Semitism is a 'cancer'

Monday, April 2, 2018

George Galloway has claimed the mass media has declared war on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leader is under siege.

As the Labour anti-Semitism row continues, Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of hiding anti-Semitic links after deleting his Facebook account. He did so after reports claimed he was a member of five groups which included anti-Semitic posts.

Speaking on Friday (March 30), before the account was deleted, our talkRADIO host said: "Jeremy Corbyn is under siege. The mass media in Britain has declared war on Jeremy Corbyn."

After being accused of being a spy himself, "now he’s an anti-Semite. This man Jeremy Corbyn who has spent his entire life, and I’ve known him almost 40 years, fighting against racism of all kinds, fighting against anti-Semitism specifically at all times, has now be branded a man who hates Jews.

"When they’re not branding him as a man who hates Jews, they’re branding him a man who won't do anything about those who do hate Jews."

Galloway claims traditionally anti-Semitism is "primarily a right-wing phenomenon and up until a couple of weeks ago I would have told you, probably have told you that in 50 years in and around the Labour Party I never ever came across an anti-Semite. But now I have."

Anti-Semitism is "a cancer. It must be dealt with vehemently by the Labour leadership."

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