Matt Hancock: Alternatives to Prime Minister's Brexit deal are 'ugly'

Pro-Brexit supporters

Pro-Brexit supporters in London. Image: Getty

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The health secretary has defended Theresa May's Brexit deal, claiming that the alternatives of a second referendum or no-deal Brexit were "both ugly" options.

Matt Hancock MP appeared on the breakfast show to discuss the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement which has come under fire from other Conservative MPs.

"The alternative of no-deal or second referendum are both ugly," Mr Hancock told Julia Hartley-Brewer.



"I'll tell you what people around the country want, they want us to get on with it. They want us to deliver on the Brexit that people voted for and that's exactly what this deal does."

Despite a string of resignations from Ministers this morning over the document, Mr Hancock insisted the Prime Minister had "got a good deal" for the UK.

"The alternatives are ugly and the deal on the table is a good one, and it's very important we get on with the delivering," he said.


'That's the nature of negotiation'

Matt Hancock leaves Downing Street after discussing draft Brexit documents. Image: Getty

He added that compromise was an essential part of the Brexit negotiations, but added the draft deal was still "in the national interest".

"The thing about a deal is you have to negotiate it with the other side, and you have to come to an agreement that they also sign up to.

"You can't have trade between these countries without both sides signing up to it and that's the nature of negotiation."