Matt Hancock needs to stop 'coming up with stupid sound bites' and focus on NHS crisis, says GP

Matt Hancock

Thursday, November 29, 2018

A South London GP has criticised the health secretary for saying the NHS should be more like McDonald's.

Dr Louise Irvine said Matt Hancock's claims that the NHS needed to take inspiration from the fast food chain's staff training programmes was "ridiculous".

"It's his job to deal with that and not come up with stupid sound bites," Dr Irvine told talkRADIO's Mike Graham.


"He has to come up with some sound bites and things to sound like he's got some ideas, so he comes up with these ridiculous notions which actually don't address the real problems facing the NHS."

Dr Irvine, who is a member of the National Health Action Party, said Mr Hancock needed to focus on reducing workload, improving working conditions and increasing real-terms funding for the NHS in order to attract more people into the profession.

"I think nurses, doctors and other staff should have a greater role in saying how things ought to be done, and I agree with that, but to do that we actually need to have enough doctors and nurses.

"We've got over 100,000 vacancies and that's one of the reasons why the experience for many patients has deteriorated."