Matt Hancock: People need to take 'greater personal responsibility' for their own health


Monday, November 5, 2018

The health secretary, Matt Hancock, has said that people need to take "greater personal responsibility" for managing their own health.

In a speech delivered today at the International Association of National Public Health Institutes conference, Mr Hancock warned that a "radical shift" was needed in preventing disease and illness to ensure the NHS is sustainable.

Addressing the conference, Mr Hancock said the population had been too focussed on "rights" and now needed to look at "responsibilities".

"We have a right to the healthcare that we need, when we need it, free at the point of use," he said.



"Too much of the health debate in England has been about rights.

"I think we need to pay more attention to our responsibilities as well as our rights."


Public should 'look after themselves better'

The health secretary suggested that members of the public should "look after themselves better" by staying active, quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol consumption.

He admitted he "enjoyed a glass of wine", but stressed that alcohol abuse puts "a huge burden" on the NHS.

In an interview with talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer ahead of his speech, Mr Hancock said he was "determined" to invest more in primary care, doctors and the community services that "stop people going into hospital in the first place".