Matt Hancock says student union's clapping ban is 'bonkers'

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock leaves a cabinet meeting. Image: Getty

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Health secretary Matt Hancock has called a student union's ban on clapping "bonkers".

The University of Manchester's Students' Union has recently banned clapping in favour of using 'jazz hands', in an effort to be more inclusive of those with anxiety or sensory issues.

Discussing the ban with Julia Hartley-Brewer, Hancock said the silent style of applause would "never catch on".



"The idea of safe spaces where you're not allowed to express some opinions because you might offend is completely wrong," he said.

"If you disagree with an opinion take it on, have the debate. That's how we progress as a democracy. This jazz hands thing is a case in point, I think it's bonkers.

"It'll never catch on but it'll only never catch on because we should make the argument for why clapping."

He added: "I never thought I'd go into politics in order to make the argument for clapping."