Matthew Wright: 'Babies are generally really ugly, but mine is beautiful'

Matthew Wright

Matthew and Amelia after the birth of their first child. Image: Matthew Wright/Twitter

Monday, January 28, 2019

In his first talkRADIO broadcast since becoming a father, Matthew Wright's opening line was "Who's the daddy now? I am!".

The presenter welcomed his first child with wife Amelia on Friday night, after an eight-year struggle with IVF.

"What kind of father do you think you'll be?" asked co-host Kevin O'Sullivan.

"An absent one," Wright joked.

The pair have named their new addition Cassady Frances Wright, inspired by the writer Neal Cassady, Wright revealed.

"It has nothing to do with David Cassady. Neal Cassady is the inspiration, otherwise known as Dean Moriarty. If you're a fan of Jack Kerouac's famous beat novel On the Road, Neil Cassady is the anti-hero, he's the loser that everybody loves.

"It's an Irish name, Irish descent with the a, means curly hair. Which Amelia underneath her straightened hair beats a curly vixen."

Wright's wife is still in hospital with the baby, who was born a month premature.


'Babies are generally really ugly'

"I think babies are generally really ugly, but mine, mine is beautiful. I've said it," Wright said.

"She cried which is good, and because she's premature she has to feed every three hours. Luckily, Amelia is still in hospital which means I don't have to do any of it."



He added: "It's all very, very strange I have to say. Amelia is doing good - she suffered pre-eclampsia which is why I had to rush from the studio on Friday."

The couple had tried to have children several times over the years after Amelia had an ectopic pregnancy in 2009 having fallen pregnant with twins.