Matthew Wright on his stalker: 'I don't want her to be nicked for it'


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Matthew Wright has opened up about his experience of being stalked, revealing his wife Amelia had been left feeling "under threat" by the ordeal.

The talkRADIO host said it began "four years ago", and has since escalated, with the stalker turning up to a charity auction he hosted, live broadcasts of his afternoon radio show at Westminster, his workplace and even his home.

"Things started escalating from her thinking that I was looking at her in suggestive ways," Wright said.

"She started turning up at events where some of my better-known friends were and talking to them, and of course repeated visits to home."

The presenter, who recently welcomed his first child Cassady, said he now had "no choice" but to involve the police, despite not wanting the stalker "to be nicked".

"Amelia with a newborn baby feels really under threat from her. I don't feel physically under threat from her at all. I really don't want her to be be nicked for it," he said.

"I want her to get help, but the trouble is that mental health services are not what they once were, despite all the pledges of cash from government."

He added: "She has conjured up in her mind the notion that she and I have some kind of connection, some king of relationship."

Wright added that friends of the woman had tried to stop her, but to no avail.

"I've had people that know her intercede and say you really shouldn't keep pursuing this, it's really unfair on Matthew and his wife and the newborn baby and she says she's not going to hassle me anymore, and then she hassles me some more."

"You've got to be not quite the full ticket if you want to spend a lot of time with me," he joked.

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